Makin' Art Paint Party is here to meet Western and Central Wisconsin's need for the perfect paint party. We're a group that believes art doesn't have to be done in the classroom, and that painting is a great way for you and your group to relax, relieve some stress, and have fun. No painting experience needed and no need to have any paint or canvases-- Makin' Art will provide this. All you need to bring are fun and eager participants who are ready for a great evening!

How To Set Up A Party

in six easy steps

Makin' Art is excited to help you plan your paint party! Much like how our actual parties are relaxing and fun, we want your party planning experience to be stress free. That's why we've painted out the steps for you below. Follow each one to get started with us today!

  • Figure out how many people you want in your paint party
    We will take 10-100 people in each session!
    people paint party
  • Find a date that works and contact Makin' Art
    You can reach us at 715-495-1056
  • Find a location to have the party
    Plan a party at home or at a venue
    people paint party
  • Pick a painting that you would like to paint.
    We have a great selection to choose from!
    people paint party
  • Send a deposit to guarantee your party date
    For more information please call 3084047282
  • Have the PARTY and let the fun begin!
    We look forward to having a paint party with you!
    people paint party